Here is a piece I recently finished for my upcoming show at the Joseph Gross Gallery here in NYC on October 9th

'Veil' / 24x36” / Colored Pencil, Acrylic, Wax Pastel on #Rives bfk paper




Nicki Minaj to host this year’s MTV EMAS on November 9, 2014.

Queen Beyoncé, meet Princess Minaj. We shall bow to our rulers at once.

I’m pretty obsessed with this picture

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Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

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Here for it

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7th Continent by Camille de Kerorguen, 2014

Ta façon de traiter le sujet est sublime.

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Pierrot the kitty - c. 1890s - (Via)

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Dog with a Biscuit and a Chinese Cup by Giovanna Garzoni, 1640s

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another page for mine and Mathilde's book

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Oh heeeeyyyyy~


Sorry for the lack of updates!! I’ve just been so busy getting a bearing on things and haven’t had the time to fully stock up my fridge to make pretty food to share with you guys :)

Today I made Guilin Chili Chicken stir fry! What you will need:

  • Soy sauce
  • Guilin chili sauce (I finally found an asian market here in Barcelona and it has been a life saver!!!!)
  • Protein of choice
  • Vegetables of choice
  • Peanuts
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Rice!!

This was sooo simple you guys, honestly. The veggies I chose to use were carrot, tomato, green beans, peas, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, broccoli, and onion. For protein I used chicken but of course anything can be used! Pork, beef, tofu, shrimp, you name it.

First I cooked the chicken in a pan, seasoning with salt. Afterwards I removed the chicken and in the same pan I added one clove of minced garlic and peanuts. Then I added and cooked down all the vegetables. When they were almost done I added about half a tablespoon of soy sauce and one table spoon of guilin chili sauce. Then I added chicken, a quarter cup of water, stirred everything together to mix, and covered with a lid for about 3-5 minutes to let things thicken up. Afterwards I served it with some basmati rice but you can use quinoa, brown rice, etc. :-) It was enough food to last me two meals!

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